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The important difference between responding and reacting:

When life throws major curve balls at good people you see some interesting responses and the truth of people’s motives come out to play. The colors appear like a brilliant rainbow on the wall as you channel light through a prism. In the physical world, you see an outpouring of kind gestures, assistance, and truly heartwarming acts. For this, I truly believe in people and I can’t express my gratitude enough. It positivity affects so many. These gestures are truly deserving of the colors of the rainbow and the brilliance of its release. For all of you and your positive gestures, I am thankful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. There are many that are moved by such events. You have made a very real and noticeable impact on actual lives. That is real Love.

With all of that in mind, I have something else to address. Forewarning: It’s about the opposite group of individuals.


Unfortunately, in our world, for all of the positive we see, there is an unhealthy balance of completely negative, selfish, and absolutely unnecessary over speaking inclusive of complete disregard for our fellow humans. It doesn’t really exist in the physical world as often, for which I am thankful. When it comes to online commentary and the media, some of the thoughtless comments on each situation are not only completely disheartening, they are down right evil, vile, and ignorant. Many individuals have a tenancy to spark off with their opinion without having any formal training or having read the article to which they are choosing to speak up about, which makes it all the worse. These negative and bitter statements are toward a majority of good people that deserve much better and in many cases are amazing additions to the local community not to mention often having helped countless others. I have read various stories about people struggling to open restaurants for reasons outside of their power, individuals struggling due to government shutdowns, people experiencing hardship and loss, in addition to a multitude of other things. When these sad situations take place, the vicious come out to grab a bite of the drama like a lion to its injured prey. Of course, I now insult the noble lion for such a comparison to such garbage.

To be frank, I don’t honestly care what your opinions are about general groups because just like a race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else, its prejudice and completely ignorant. If you can’t understand that you know absolutely nothing about the people in which you readily insult from behind your phone or computer screen while typing from in your moms basement and  growing your sweet neck-beard (and yes, I mean you too ladies), then maybe consider for a second what it would be like if someone was judging you in your situation based on mass data rather than an individual case. If it still doesn’t bother you after a clear understanding and comparison, then I doubt you have ever been placed in such an inconvenient situation to where you could ever actually understand, which makes you completely unqualified to even respond without sounding like a complete fool. So many people strive for individuality and yet many of those same “individuals” are quick to make ridiculous or hurtful comments about a situation they couldn’t possibly understand. AND even if you have been through similar situations, you still have no idea what else each person has been through unless you experienced everything alongside them directly. All you can do is speculate because you are a completely bias third party. It’s not only incredibly disheartening, it makes you look weak in addition to appearing heartless.

To touch base on the positive again: For all of you out there keeping a positive head and being supportive to your fellow humans. Thank you. You are genuinely good people and are whole heartedly appreciated for your mental and physical contributions.


To everyone else. My message is simple. Your negativity is representative of your continued adolescence and irresponsible behavior. I see you and your lack of self-control and all of that self-projecting weakness you place on those from the safety of your screen time. If you ever have to face anything half as difficult in the physical world, you would shake in your little trousers trying to fill them out while you attempted to feel big. You see, I have dealt with thousands of “individuals” on that same negative path in the real world. They are the kind of people that could never handle my face to face responses and crumbled under my glare when they got out of line and realized they were small and wrong. I have witnessed them lose confidence directly after the few seconds they felt strong and brave. If this is your path, then it’s important that you know that you were weak then and you are weak now, especially with your “screen savior” to protect you from the world. You are lucky to have that barrier because you know that life and the strong won’t tolerate you in the real world. To break it down for you in terms you can get behind, you are chicken shit.

Let that soak in for a second. You read that correctly. You are chicken shit. Are you tired of being a steaming pile of bug and seed waste from an actual chickens’ ass? It’s simple, just rethink your approach. Take a moment to process the issues at hand from at least one other prospective and try to have a little more self-control. It’s never too late to walk down a new path and enlighten yourself. It’s never too late to become truly brave and pioneer a new path into a positive version of yourself. You are better than you think. You can be amazing. You can be brave. You can lead.

I get it, life has been hard on you. It made you lose out on your dreams and didn’t give you the time you needed. People laughed at you and made you cynical. You were ground into the earth by all of “them”. Nobody ever gave you a chance. You are the victim. Well guess what, I am giving you the chance now to be the best version of yourself. I am giving you the opportunity to rise above being a victim. Take this as a notice to that negative tick in your brain. You may not know this, but you are in charge of your perspective and your life. You have control. You are probably a good person or better. You don’t need to keep giving yourself excuses. You can recalibrate and elevate your situation. You can be a leader instead of a follower. You can create more leaders and lead the positive revolution. Don’t you think its time to stop waking up hating everything? Don’t you think its time for a revolution against negative thinking? Maybe you’re not there yet. That’s ok. By making it to the end of this article, you have taken the first step in the right direction. May you find peace in the world and most importantly, in yourself. Now, take the next step to becoming truly unlimited.

With Love,


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